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Listed below are all the pages of the coloring book, each with the scientific name of the creature and its description.

Proximia leo iridis

The “Proximia leo iridis” is a fascinating feline that lives on the mysterious planet Proxima B. Standing out for its spectacular iridescent fur, this feline reflects an impressive palette of colors under the light of its planet. Its gold, green, blue and pink tones intertwine in a chromatic dance that changes depending on your environment and your mood. With a majestic mane and deep eyes like windows to the stars, the “Proximia leo iridis” is a stealthy and agile predator in its lush habitat. Its scientific name, “Proximia leo iridis,” pays tribute to its unique beauty and the astonishing biodiversity of Proxima B. Discover more about this stunning feline in the otherworldly cosmos.

Note: The information about “Proximia leo iridis” and the other scientific names mentioned is fictitious and is created for entertainment and creativity purposes.

Ursus amicalis proximacoloris

Meet the extraordinary “Ursus amicalis proximacoloris” a captivating bear-like species thriving on the enigmatic world of Proxima B. This remarkable creature boasts a luminous and iridescent fur, reflecting a stunning array of colors as the planet’s unique light plays upon its coat. With a harmonious blend of golden, green, blue, and rosy hues, its appearance is nothing short of a cosmic masterpiece. “Ursus amicalis proximacoloris” navigates its lush habitat with elegance, making it a symbol of the awe-inspiring diversity found on the mysterious exoplanet Proxima B. Discover more about this astonishing being as it thrives in the cosmos of another world.

Chamaeleo proximabellus

Introducing the enchanting “Chamaeleo proximabellus,” an otherworldly chameleon-like species thriving in the enigmatic realm of Proxima B. This remarkable creature possesses a mesmerizing and iridescent skin that shimmers with a captivating array of distinctive and beautiful colors, creating an astonishing spectacle under the unique hues of the planet’s light. With its remarkable adaptability and ability to blend seamlessly into its surroundings, “Chamaeleo proximabellus” is not only a testament to the extraordinary diversity of life on Proxima B but also a true marvel of nature’s evolution. Uncover the secrets of this astonishing creature as it navigates the kaleidoscopic world of another celestial body

Luminaris chrysalis

Meet the enchanting “Luminaris chrysalis,” a resplendent butterfly-like species flourishing on the mysterious world of Proxima B. This captivating creature boasts an iridescent and radiant appearance, showcasing a breathtaking array of distinctive and vivid colors. Its wings shimmer with harmonious blends of radiant golds, mesmerizing blues, and shimmering greens, creating a spectacle that mirrors the celestial wonders of its exoplanetary home. “Luminaris chrysalis” gracefully flits through the exotic flora of Proxima B, a testament to the astonishing biodiversity of this distant world. Explore more about this extraordinary being as it thrives in the otherworldly cosmos of Proxima B.

You can read a story with these first 4 characters:

A Jungle Adventure on Proxima B.

Go and you will find a GIFT!

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